Anna Stine is an indie folk artist creating music that ponders the trials and triumphs that make us most human. Born in Tennessee to a piano teacher and an avid outdoorsman, Stine's roots emanate through nature inspired lyricism and meandering melodic runs that boast a soulful authenticity. Likened to the sounds of powerful female artists such as Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Billie Holiday (Mike Pengra, MPR), Stine blends together her love of honest folk songs and haunting jazz melodies to create music that invites audiences to connect to their own stories. Anna's experiences as a music therapist have given her a unique understanding of the ways that music can enrapture and transform us, and she seeks to manifest this through her intentional presence and performance.

After stepping away from music therapy in order to pursue her passion for performing full time, Stine quickly gained momentum with her debut album Company of Now. "It has been met with critical acclaim throughout the's a mature perspective and poignant theme with depth, one in which every new listen to the songs reveal another layer" (Music In MN). With 15,000 average monthly listeners on Spotify, shared bills with notable national acts such as Lowland Hum, Eric Hutchinson, Emily Scott Robinson, and 2 US tours under her belt, Stine's expressive musicality and resonant songwriting is moving audiences in a continually growing fan base across the country. 

Photos by: Nick Meza and Elliot Malcolm (bottom left only)

Stine is ready for bigger stages...and the reception Company of Now has received, including a performance on the Current’s Radio Heartland show, has fueled her ambition.”

Jared Goyette (City Pages)

Company of Now

In her debut album Company of Now, released October 2018, Anna delves into the delicate dance of being present in the midst of growth and discomfort. Through songs that speak to both suffering and self-acceptance, she encourages listeners to stand tall, breathe easy, and step from the ground they're standing on. The lilting melodies and forthright lyrics evolved after leaving her home in Ohio and beginning a new life in Minnesota, where many solo trips to the North Shore and bike rides around the companion like lakes breathed life into the compositions. The music and message that blossomed from the process is one of acknowledgement and acceptance. Company of Now is a recognition of what we leave behind when we embark on a new journey, and a celebration of all that we gain while being present during the inevitable ache that accompanies growth.  

Press for Company of Now     
“With her debut album, Anna Stine makes a remarkable foray into the indie scene. Ten tracks of jazzy folk touched by poetic candor and the kind of earnestness that stems from being all-in with one’s own soul…suggesting great success for a Midwestern talent.” –The Music Mermaid

“Company of Now resembles the musical styles of Norah Jones and Billie Holiday, combining jazz instrumentals with Stine's blues-y melodic voice... the music appears to take over Stine as she moves across the stage, singing with intention.” –Minnesota Daily          

"Influenced by powerful female artists from Macy Gray to Billie Holiday and Stevie Nicks, you can hear the range of her musical influence in Company of Now and how she makes them her own." -MPR The Current    

"There’s a feeling of love in not only Anna’s lyrics but the way she tactfully attacks every single note instead of just singing them. There’s a very conscious feeling that can be heard in her music which is a thing of complete beauty." -Girl At The Rock Shows

Photo by Nick Meza

Photo by Nick Meza

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